Since I started practicing Orthodontics in Escondido almost 14 years ago, Orthodontics has seen many advancements and changes for the better. Not only with advances in technology but also through the development new treatment methods. It is amazing to see all of the positive changes, in what feels like such a short amount of time. These advances, along with the availability of new, cutting edge, materials have helped to create somewhat of a new frontier in Orthodontics. As a Specialist in Orthodontics myself, I am proud to say that here at Hidden Valley Orthodontics we are leading the charge.

I am a true believer that each Individual Patient is Unique and I feel that the additional training I have had to become a Specialist in Orthodontics gives me a Distinct advantage is Diagnosing and Treating those who choose Hidden Valley Orthodontics. Whether it is a full treatment case on a child, A child who may be showing the outward signs of obstructive sleep apnea or an adult who really does not like the way their teeth look and has been wanting to fix their smile for years, I have the training, experience and the tools to be able to meet those challenges and help!

After treating hundreds and hundreds of cases, I would not say I have seen it all but I sure have seen a lot! Having the experience of dealing with tooth movement and jaw growth on a daily basis puts me in a position to be uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat my patients and offer treatment options that will give them the results they are looking for. From a simple appliance to help widen their jaw to a full set of braces, I want my patients to have options.

I even have the Great Opportunity in many instances to Treat patients with Invisalign clear braces who were previously told Invisalign was not an option for them! I have worked hard with the Invisalign product to become Proficient and Realistic with what I can accomplish with this product and have realized the product is great but experience using the product in absolutely crucial to getting the desired result. As one of the Elite Preferred Providers of Invisalign in San Diego, I work hard every day so my patients can be presented with all viable treatment options available to them.

I want my patients informed and a treatment plan developed so we can achieve the result they came to Hidden Valley Orthodontics to begin with… A beautiful smile that they are proud to show off every day.

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