Damon Braces Hidden Valley Orthodontics in Escondido, CA

3D Printing

3D printing capabilities bring exciting possibilities to the world of orthodontics and Hidden Valley Orthodontics is proud to be on the cutting edge of this patient friendly innovation.   After using one of our three 3D scanners, we transfer the digital file to our computer to generate a model of our patient’s teeth.  Using this advanced technology eliminates the need for uncomfortable physical impressions. You heard right, no more gooey, goopy impressions meaning no more gagging. Our purpose in using any technology is to benefit our patients:   
  • 3D Printing allows for superior accuracy in creating appliances for orthodontic treatment.   
  • Impression data now stays stored in our cloud.  Allowing HVO to access data anytime, meaning you do not have to come in for another impression if you lose your retainer, as long as there is no tooth movement.