Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment In Escondido & San Marcos, CA

Did you know that you should schedule an orthodontist appointment for your child by the age of 7? Orthodontic treatment for children requires a personalized approach, as each child’s development is unique. An early evaluation will help us identify potential alignment issues before they develop into more complex dental health problems.


While the majority of kiddos don’t need interceptive orthodontics, it’s a great idea to visit us so we can monitor their growth and development! Find out what early orthodontic treatment is and how it improves your child’s dental health. Learn more with the experts at Hidden Valley Orthodontics.

What Is Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment?

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Interceptive orthodontic treatment, also known as early orthodontic treatment or phase one orthodontic treatment, is a process of starting orthodontic care when a child still has most of their baby teeth. This treatment addresses emerging dental issues before they become major concerns.

While not every kid needs early treatment, bite problems can have a lasting impact on your child’s smile. By receiving early orthodontic treatment, the chances of complex treatments or surgery in the future are reduced. In fact, this treatment can even minimize the need for permanent tooth extraction. Orthodontic care for kids is a proactive step towards a healthy and beautiful smile!

Benefits Of Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment

Interceptive orthodontic treatment for children offers numerous benefits for their dental health and overall well-being. It can resolve many dental issues, including:

Neglecting early orthodontic treatment can lead to several dental problems, such as premature loss of baby teeth and malocclusions, which can cause complications as your child grows. Early orthodontic treatment can prevent these problems, and future procedures can be avoided.

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What Issues Does Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment Address?

Phase one orthodontic treatment can address several dental problems, such as overcrowded teeth, excessive space between teeth, jaw growth issues, protruding teeth, and more.

By the age of 13, most children have lost all their baby teeth. During the teenage years, the jaw bones mature and stop growing, making orthodontic treatments for adults longer and potentially requiring tooth extractions or oral surgery.

During a child’s development, their teeth and jaws are more pliable, making it easier to treat bite malocclusions before they become more complex. Interceptive orthodontic treatment takes advantage of this window of opportunity to provide effective treatment.

If your child displays any of the following symptoms, it is recommended that you schedule a consultation:

Is Early Orthodontic Treatment Necessary?

Early orthodontic treatment may not be necessary for all children, but it’s always better to be proactive in ensuring their oral health. The Kids Club program at Hidden Valley Orthodontist is created specifically for children who are not yet prepared for treatment. Through frequent observation, Dr. Fortney can monitor the growth and progress of these young patients and create tailored treatment plans as needed.

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Not all children need interceptive orthodontics, but it can lay the foundation for a healthier and more confident smile! If you want to find out if your child could benefit from early orthodontic treatment, reach out to Hidden Valley Orthodontics. We offer top-notch orthodontic care in a relaxed, family-oriented setting. Book an appointment today!