Invisalign in San Marcos & Escondido, CA

Wish you could get invisible braces? You totally can! If you want a straighter and healthier smile, but have reservations about traditional braces with metal wires and bands, Invisalign clear aligners are a great option!

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What is Invisalign?

A woman is holding a model of a mouth and an Invisalign clear aligner.

Invisalign is a great orthodontic treatment option that uses a series of clear aligners to straighten your teeth without interrupting your lifestyle. While conventional braces rely on brackets and wires to straighten teeth, Invisalign uses virtually invisible removable trays to gently align your teeth, so you can feel confident in your smile throughout the process! 

Hidden Valley Orthodontics is a Diamond Invisalign provider, placing us among the nation’s most experienced Invisalign practices. Get a free exam to see how Invisalign clear aligners can deliver outstanding results for your smile.

How Do Invisible Aligners Work?

Orthodontic treatments work by applying gentle pressure on teeth to reposition them gradually. Using these same principles, Invisalign utilizes a succession of clear plastic aligners to straighten teeth.

Invisalign treatment starts with a consultation with our amazing Orthodontists, specially trained to treat tooth movement and jaw development. We will then create advanced digital images of your teeth using the iTero® imaging technology to create customized clear aligners to treat your unique case.  This, along with our years of experience as specialists, creates the best, personalized treatment plan for you.

During your Invisalign treatment, you will wear each set of aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day and advancing to your next set in approximately 1 week depending on your treatment plan. We will monitor your progress and schedule appointments to see you, in person, in 12 – 18-week intervals.  Together, we will work with you to achieve that wonderful smile you deserve.

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Benefits Of Invisalign Clear Aligners

Some reasons our patients love Invisalign Clear Aligners are because they:

A person holding a pair of clear aligners.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Invisalign?

Have you’ve been told Invisalign isn’t right for you? Let us take a look! Dr. Christy Fortney is a specialist in orthodontics as well as a certified Invisalign provider. She has successfully treated 1500+ cases using this state-of-the art appliance system and her vast experience has allowed her to be successful with many difficult cases that other orthodontists have declined to treat. You have found the right place. Call today for your no cost consultation!

An adult woman with curly hair holding her Invisalign aligner for adults

Invisalign Adult

It’s a common misconception that only kids and teens wear braces, but did you know that 1 in every 5 patients receiving orthodontic treatment is an adult? It is never too late for orthodontic treatment, and Invisalign is a convenient and discreet alternative to traditional braces.


A group of boys in red soccer uniforms posing for a picture.

Invisalign Teen

Your teen may be apprehensive about getting braces. They might be worried about upcoming events like their team’s game this Friday, homecoming in a month, or how their braces will look in yearbook photos. But with Invisalign Teen, there’s no need to stress! Invisalign Teen gives your teen a clear and stunning smile, without cramping their style (as the kids say) throughout the process.

Cleaning & Caring For Invisalign

While Invisalign clear aligners offer greater flexibility for enhancing your smile, it’s crucial to acknowledge that with freedom comes great responsibility. Proper maintenance of your Invisalign is essential to keep them in excellent condition and achieve stunning smile results. 

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

The cost of your Invisalign treatment depends on various factors, such as the severity of your orthodontic issues, the length of your treatment plan, and your unique circumstances. At our practice, we strive to make Invisalign an affordable option for everyone, which is why we don’t have an upcharge for Invisalign. Our service prices are the same no matter which orthodontic modality you choose!

At Hidden Valley Orthodontics, we want to make sure finances don’t deter anyone from orthodontic treatment. Our office offers low and no down payment options, as well as finance-free extended monthly payments that can be customized to fit your budget. We also offer various payment arrangements to coincide with your Flex Plan needs, and we accept most major credit cards. You can even set up automatic electronic payments through your bank account for your monthly payments.

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Other Orthodontic Treatments We Offer

If you’ve been told that Invisalign isn’t right for you, let us take a look first! Dr. Christy Fortney is a certified Invisalign provider and has successfully treated over 1,300 cases with this state-of-the-art appliance system, including many cases other orthodontists have declined. Our team can ensure you know all your options, so you can choose the right aligner technology for your specific needs. 

Hidden Valley Clear Aligners

Dr. Fortney  is constantly evaluating new and emerging technologies and products, in order to offer the best care for her patients. For those who want an alternative to Invisalign, we offer in-house clear aligners! 

Our Hidden Valley invisible braces are just as effective while giving you a real bang for your buck.


If Invisalign isn’t right for you, don’t worry! We have great braces options including metal braces and clear ceramic braces. We can work with your needs to  recommend the option that works best for you and your needs.

Get the Best Invisalign in Escondido & San Marcos, CA!

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For over 40 years, Hidden Valley Orthodontics has crafted beautiful and healthy smiles in our community. As a top 1% Invisalign provider in the US, we are dedicated to offering the best possible Invisalign treatment care, using our expertise to treat cases that other orthodontists said could not be treated with Invisalign.

Invisalign is an effective, comfortable orthodontic solution that works with your lifestyle. We would be thrilled to assist you in achieving your dream smile! Schedule a free consultation with us today.