Braces 101 Hidden Valley Orthodontics in Escondido, CA

Payment Options

Dr. Fortney and the team at Hidden Valley Orthodontics want to make sure you have the opportunity to have the smile you have always wanted. We will tailor your payment options so finances are not an obstacle.

Our Treatment Fee Includes:

  • The initial orthodontic examination and all periodic observation visits prior to the start of therapy, the treatment plan and the consultation to discuss our findings, all the orthodontic materials, appliances and appointments (including most emergencies) during the time in braces. Initial retainers after debanding (when appropriate) and one year of follow-up retainer visits.
  • Reports to your dentist before, during and after the completion of treatment.
  • Verbal treatment updates at each visit when possible as to the progress of the treatment and the status of the oral hygiene.
It’s important that people get the orthodontic care they need when they need it. Orthodontics is an investment for the future… a future of improved dental health and appearance. Our goal is not only to meet all of your expectations, but to exceed your expectations in all areas of our service.

Your Payment Options:

To determine the best way for you to manage your investment, Linda Lockman, our financial coordinator will answer your questions, explain payment plans, and help you with insurance claims. The complexity of your individual treatment determines the fee. We offer flexible financial arrangements that work within your budget.
  • Low and no down payment options available
  • Finance free extended monthly payments to fit your budget requirements
  • Various payment arrangements to coincide with your Flex Plan needs
  • Most major credit cards accepted for the down payment

Payment Plans Include:

Cash – Paid at start of treatment (5% bookkeeping credit) Payment Plan – Customized in-house monthly payments with no interest charged! Electronic Payment – For your convenience automatic monthly payments are available through your bank account. Flex Payment Accounts – Monthly, Quarterly or Annual deduction using your Flex Account debit card

Insurance Plans:

We accept most insurance plans and all “indemnity” plans. Indemnity plans allow the patient to go to any orthodontist they choose with full benefits. Some PPO plans that suggest going to their own panel member, but may revert to an indemnity plan if you choose to see the provider of your choice. Our insurance specialist will assist you in predetermining and receiving the maximum benefit your coverage allows.