A beautiful smile filled with pearly whites is what everyone longs for. However, some of our daily consumption of products such as coffee, tea, red wine, and even some sodas can stain your teeth and darken your smile. Have no fear though, this doesn’t mean you need to invest in a fancy teeth-whitening treatment. Start with food! Several foods can actually whiten your teeth naturally. To learn more about what foods can naturally whiten your teeth, keep reading for some advice from Orthodontist Dr. Christy Fortney at Hidden Valley Orthodontics.

Fortunately, there are several foods you can find at your local grocery store that can help make your teeth whiter. Be sure to add these foods to your cart next time you’re at the store!

Who knew some simple grocery store items can help you to achieve your shiniest smile! Be sure to add these foods into your diet to keep your teeth looking their best! Our office is here to help with any tooth related questions or concerns. Be sure to contact our office so we can help!

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