With 2021 drawing to a close, the team here at Hidden Valley Orthodontics wants to provide a friendly reminder to use your FSA savings before the end of the year! Due to FSA’s “use it or lose it” principle, any amount not spent before the end of the year is lost. You can save money by using FSA dollars to help cover your orthodontic treatment whether you’re paying off your remaining balance or just starting your journey to your spectacular smile!


What is an FSA?

 Did you know that any medical expenses considered deductible by the IRS but not reimbursed by your insurance can be reimbursed through an FSA account?

You can set aside money on a pre-tax basis in your Flexible Spending Account (FSA), often offered by your employer. The money saved can be used for qualifying healthcare expenses for yourself, spouse or eligible dependents—this includes orthodontic treatment like braces and Invisalign clear aligner therapy!

Since FSA dollars are untaxed, using it to cover your orthodontic treatment saves you money! But you must use it by the end of the year or the money will be lost!


How do I use FSA dollars towards my treatment at Hidden Valley Orthodontics?

 An FSA account will generally allow reimbursement for prepaid orthodontic expenses up to the chosen amount as long as the payment occurred withing the benefit period. This means that whether you have an active payment plan or are just starting your smile journey, it’s not too late to take advantage of your FSA benefits!

Our entire team at HVO cares about you and your family’s experience through every step of your smile journey! Our Money Maven Linda Lockman is always here to help you and answer your questions about putting your FSA dollars towards your orthodontic treatment.


What treatment is eligible for FSA reimbursement at Hidden Valley Orthodontics?

 Dr. Fortney and the HVO team use their expertise and latest integrated technology to deliver the best patient-centered care as well as spectacular results. We are proud to offer treatment options that fit into your lifestyle including Invisalign and Invisalign Teen in addition to traditional, ceramic and lingual braces. All of our orthodontic treatment options are eligible for FSA reimbursement.

For busy lifestyles, Invisalign’s clear and removable aligners allow you to keep doing what you do best with fewer and faster office visits and checkups. Dr. Fortney is a certified diamond Invisalign treatment provider and has treated over 1,300 cases with this leading-edge appliance system. Since Invisalign is nearly invisible, Dr. Fortney can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing, even those cases other orthodontists have said no to.

Say yes to your new stress-free smile today when you use your FSA dollars to save money on your orthodontic treatment! Contact our office today at (760) 489-0330 to schedule your complimentary smile evaluation and learn which treatment option is right for you!

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